Middle East is slipping into a bloody impasse

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Israel, apparently, in the near future will have to experience all the duplicity of the “Biden team”. This is not Trump, who unconditionally supported the Israelis and was capable of extremely tough steps in favor of the Jewish state. The White House now has “different times and different customs,” the author emphasizes.

Against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Palestine, Biden’s team took a wait-and-see attitude. They made a fundamental decision not to openly interfere in the conflict and only declaratively called on both sides to stop the outbreak of war.

A brigade of liberal congressmen rushed to the barricades of the “culture war” with the Israeli military. Ilhan Omar, Michigan member of Congress, condemned the “Israeli occupation terror.” While stating that “the Israeli airstrikes that killed civilians in Gaza are an act of terrorism.”

Her colleague, Rashida Tlaib, generally called for cutting off American funding for the “Israeli apartheid regime,” that is, to stop providing the Jewish state with an annual financial aid of three to four billion dollars, which Israel then uses to purchase American weapons.

The concerned congresswoman was simply torn apart by Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas and, incidentally, the first Hispanic politician elected from that state. “Why is a member of Congress acting as a spokesman for Hamas?” – he said, adding: “And does Biden agree with this position?”

The fears of Israelis and American Republicans that Joe Biden’s coming to power would only worsen the situation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were fully justified. During his election campaign, the current American president in every possible way avoided questions on this topic.

And having entered the White House, he took and restored programs to support the Palestinians, who will now receive $ 230 million a year from the United States. How much of these funds will go to Hamas and how they will be used – no one can predict. In any case, the Palestinians did not become happier until the moment when Trump stopped it. But the accounts of politicians who have designated themselves as “the only spokesmen for the interests of Palestine and its people,” have become substantially rounded.

The newly minted American president even refused to speak to Netanyahu on the phone for more than a month, although, according to the latest polls, 75 percent of Americans have a positive attitude towards Israel, and only 30 percent towards the Palestinian Authority. But Biden’s team ignores these public sentiments, thereby forcing their boss to bridge on two chairs: not to scare off the pro-Israel electorate, and not to disappoint their leftist party members.

The problem is that he can do this “and climb the tree and not get scratched” for quite a long time. And the situation in the Middle East will slide into a bloody impasse, which will make the compromises still possible now absolutely incredible. And the tragedy of the Palestinians and Israelis will become an agony …


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