Kanye West turned into America’s greatest anti-Semite

(ORDO NEWS) — In October, rapper Kanye West tweeted that he was “on high alert against the Jews,” Vox reported. Twitter blocked his profile. Trump, Carlson and the Republicans supported the performer anyway. But on December 1, he publicly admitted that he liked Hitler.

On Thursday afternoon, rapper Kanye West appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and discussed his conspiracy theories about Jews. Jones is no stranger to discussing anti-Semitic clichés—in his own words, he even believes in the existence of a nefarious “Jewish mafia”—but West went even further than Jones could have imagined.

“You are not a Nazi. You clearly did not deserve this label,” Jones said.

“Well, I see some good in Hitler,” Kanye replied.

Jones went on to try to minimize the damage by saying that he “didn’t intend to discuss these Jewish things”, but West confirmed that he “likes Hitler”, after which Jones was forced to take a commercial break. But the word is not a sparrow. Jones tried to portray West as a kind of free speech martyr, but West began to praise Hitler. An attempt to warm up on another celebrity failed miserably. (Jones has already renounced anti-Semitism in the past.)

What West said in the interview is simply disgusting. His transformation into arguably America’s greatest anti-Semite not only emboldened the marginalized, but certainly endangered the Jews.

Along the way, West unwittingly exposed the latent anti-Semites in Jones and his ilk.

Since Donald Trump made the far-right handshake among the Republican Party in 2015, coded allusions to Jews have become more frequent: attacks on “globalists” and George Soros, for example, allow the speakers to get away with it, but send a clear message to anti-Semites.

In response to criticism from Jews and anti-hate fighters, these people act out righteous indignation: “How dare you make us look like anti-Semites! Why are you muzzling open liberal discussion? This is cancellation culture!”

Over the past few weeks, as West has slipped into overt conspiracy theories, many of these characters have begun to look to him as a potential ally. Donald Trump dined with him, Tucker Carlson invited him to his show, and the official GOP Twitter profile expressed support for him. It seems that they all expected that West knew the rules of the game: to scold political correctness or release a couple of hints for the marginalized, but not to cross the line of what is permitted and not to stoop to outright hatred.

But they miscalculated.

How Kanye West stripped the Republicans of all excuses

The current controversy flared up on the night of October 8, when Kanye West tweeted that he was “on high alert against the Jews.” Two days after the sensational tweet that cost West his profile, Carlson interviewed West and tried to portray him as a freethinker and a victim of censorship.

“Is he crazy? We don’t think so. We have rarely heard a person talk about his beliefs so sincerely and ardently,” Carlson told the audience.

In that interview, West touched on many of Carlson’s favorite topics. He condemned the “black genocide” allegedly led to by the federal family planning program, accused “liberal Nazis” of trying to shut him up (at that time, West seemed to still understand that it was customary to scold the Nazis).

After the interview aired, we received the materials that Carlson cut out. West says completely paranoid things in them – for example, that “decoy ducks” and “professional actors” are sent to him to molest his children – and broadcasts prejudices about Jews. “I’d rather my kids know Hanukkah than Kwanzaa. At least they’ll have financial connections,” West told Carlson.

Of course, Carlson acted quite logically by cutting out these remarks. Otherwise, his claim that Kanye does not come across as a psycho would be completely untenable. But he knew perfectly well how much absurd and offensive things he had said. Cutting out the most outrageous parts, Carlson tried to present West – still relatively normal – as a kind of martyr for a just cause and save him from his own anti-Semitic tirades.

Of course, Carlson himself mastered the language of allusions and allegories to perfection. Blaming immigration as a “global conspiracy,” he attacks Holocaust survivor and liberal financier billionaire George Soros, but keeps silent about the Jews as such. You will not be able to prove that he really meant the Jews, but the extreme right reads this hint very well (which was repeatedly noted by Jewish observers).

“Tucker is basically ours,” Scott Greer, a former employee of Carlson-founded The Daily Caller who revealed to have been writing under a pseudonym for a white supremacist site, said in a 2021 podcast. , which until recently were only found on [white nationalist websites] VDare or American Renaissance.”

Hate fighters like the Anti-Defamation League have long warned against this tactic: attacks on Soros or terms like “globalist” have come out of the extremist underground and into right-wing vernacular. But the Republicans did not listen to them, and for the past few weeks they have been welcoming West in every possible way.

Days before the sacramental tweet about Jews, the official GOP profile even listed West in the party pantheon (along with Trump and Elon Musk): “Kanye. Elon. Trump.”

The tweet even survived West’s attacks and an interview with Tucker Carlson. On Thursday, however, the Republican Party decided enough was enough and removed it.

Over the holiday weekend, with West’s attitude toward Jews already clear, he (and infamous white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who was also in Jones’ studio) were invited to dinner by Donald Trump. After that, Trump justified himself by saying that West, his longtime supporter, allegedly “asked for advice.” Even after Kanye’s openly anti-Semitic tirades, Trump never broke up with him.

But after an interview with Jones, West is sure to become a total pariah. Praising Hitler is pretty much the only common offense that deserves a unanimous boycott.

But at the same time, West revealed what kind of rhetoric respected conservatives are ready to resort to and with whom they will form an alliance, if it is politically convenient. We know perfectly well what their audience hears when they blame “George Soros” for the migrant caravans and talk about the “globalists” anti-American conspiracy.

Kanye West ruined his own career. And right at the same time lost the opportunity to play innocence. This is collateral damage.


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