In Florida, recorded the first case of COVID-19 in a ferret

(ORDO NEWS) — In Florida (USA), a ferret contracted the coronavirus. Experts note that this is the first time that this animal species has encountered a dangerous virus that is not typical for it.

Reported by the Associated Press.

Scientists decided to check the animal for the presence of coronavirus after it developed symptoms such as coughing and frequent sneezing. Some experts believe that the ferret could have been infected by humans. At the same time, the ministry did not tell about exactly where the animal lived, whether it was domesticated or lived on a farm.

The American ministry began to reassure that it is almost impossible to contract the coronavirus from an animal. Most likely, animals can pick up the virus from humans. At the same time, they do not recommend testing animals for COVID-19 on a regular basis.

It is worth noting that the very first officially confirmed case of a cat from a person with a coronavirus occurred on April 27 in Belgium. The pet has symptoms such as weakness, diarrhea and severe vomiting, and severe breathing problems.

In order to prevent your pet from contracting the coronavirus, you do not need to walk it in places where there are many people. It is necessary to try to limit their contact with strangers, and in case of signs of a disease, the animal should be isolated from healthy individuals.


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