How can the Hamsa amulet helps you, how to use it correctly

(ORDO NEWS) — An ancient, widespread, beautiful hamsa amulet makes even skeptics believe in miracles. It is placed in the house, and luck seems to fall from the sky. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants of the appropriate shape open the way for help that was no longer expected. The materialistic point of view of scientists explains the interaction of a person and a talisman with psychology. Folk traditions and long-term observations of ordinary people convince of the opposite. A sacred item with special properties changes the life of its owner for the better exactly at the moment when it is most needed. Treat the amulet of enormous spiritual and material power with caution. The Eye of Fatima has its own secrets that you should learn about before using.

What is an amulet?

An unusual talisman is considered an ancient Muslim amulet, revered by the inhabitants of a number of eastern countries.

Therefore, in different cultures, the Hamsa Amulet is called by different names – the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam, the Hamesh Palm, even the Turkish Eye.

Outwardly, the magical symbolism looks like an open palm, lowered down. The three middle fingers are tightly pressed against each other, and at the edges the little finger and thumb are made in an identical manner.

Depending on the purpose of using a unique product, it is made in various versions:

  • Decorate with sacred inscriptions or prayers, decorate with ornaments, stones (precious or semi-precious);
  • They are made from noble metals, dense types of fabrics, ceramics, which is reflected in the price of the item;
  • To place on the attribute, gems are chosen that are focused on a specific zodiac sign.

The Muslim Hamsa is supplied with the image of the eye, and the Jewish one with the star of David, to enhance the magic of the talisman, an image of a fish or a crescent moon, the eye of Fatima, is added.

Decorating the center of the stylized palm with turquoise turns the amulet into a source of powerful energy that protects against the evil eye.

Inlaying the surface with cold-colored stones will enhance the magical properties of the precious item.

Legend and history of occurrence

According to archaeological research, the amulet was used long before the rise of Islam. Symbols similar to the Hand of Fatima can be seen on the artifacts of Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations.

Also, this symbol can be seen in various cultures. In most cases, this is a strong and versatile amulet. The most famous legend associated with Hamsa can be found in Muslim traditions, where it is called the Hand of Fatima.

Fatima is the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. One evening, Fatima’s husband, Ali, came home and announced the decision: it’s time to bring a second wife into the family. At this time, Fatima was cooking halva on the fire. From the news, she dropped the spoon with which she stirred the boiling delicacy, but did not even notice this and continued to interfere with her hand. Ali saw this act, realized the power of his wife’s love and abandoned the idea of ​​​​a second marriage. Therefore, the hand of Fatima personifies faith, humility and fortitude.

The general purpose of the talisman

Focusing on the image or inscription in the center of the palm, it is customary to endow the hand of Fatima with different powers.

In each religion, the sacred amulet has its own special meanings, but in the general case, the magical sign of the Higher powers is capable of:

  • Protect the happiness and well-being of a married couple from the machinations of ill-wishers;
  • Ignite the fire of love and desire in the heart of a man, ensuring fidelity to his companion;
  • Direct to the choice of the correct vector of the life path, attract good luck;
  • Help the owner in career growth, improvement of financial situation;
  • Protect your car from theft and accidents, and your home from fire.

The Hamsa amulet was discovered during excavations, but archaeologists have not been able to determine exactly which of the ancient cultures the symbol first appeared in.

It was only suggested that the hand sign belonged to people of the Paleolithic era. This people among researchers is recognized as more ancient than all the religious teachings of the world.

The meaning of the Hamsa amulet in different religions

The symbolism of the sacred amulet in various beliefs is associated with the hand.

Wearing a palm-like object that is not adorned with an eye directs a person to the right path, protects against mistakes and crimes, strengthens the spirit and hope for the best.

If an eye is located under the fingers of the Hand of Fatima, it will protect its owner from inducing damage and the evil eye.

The table below provides brief information about the characteristics of mystical jewelry in the representation of the main religions of the world:

ReligionWhat is Hamsa called?What does it symbolize?Additional signs
JudaismHand of God, Hand of God, Hand of Miriam, Yad-a-Khmesh (Hand of Five), Hand of DavidFive sacred volumes of the TorahAll-seeing eye, star of David, words of prayer
IslamHamsa, Hand of FatimaFive unshakable pillars (foundations) of faithCrescent, blocks of quotes from the Quran
ChristianityHand of the Virgin, Hand of GodPunishment of the Almighty, protection at a fair JudgmentSymbolism is present on some icons
BuddhismAbhaya MudraThe power of the right hand of the Buddha, bestows fearlessness, the highest protectionImage of the Buddha, which symbolizes good intentions

Hamsa amulet in Christianity

Christian canons of the 16th century officially forbade the Orthodox to wear a magical symbol belonging to the Muslim faith.

Five centuries later, the ban was lifted, provided that the believer is familiar with the religious meaning of the Hamsa amulet, believes in its meaning, which Orthodoxy endows with the sign:

  • grants divine protection to travelers;
  • shows the right way to wanderers.

According to an ancient legend, in ancient times, the hand of God appeared from the clouds in the sky to bless all those living on Earth.

The ghostly image has since become a symbol of the Hand of God, which adorn works of art with Christian themes.

Turning to the amulet with a request for protection, the Orthodox must first read the Our Father prayer.

Hand of Fatima in Muslim beliefs

For Muslims, the amulet symbolizes tolerance and humility, peace of mind – exactly the qualities that the faithful Fatima possessed, according to the legend described above.

In the traditions of Islam, a talisman is prescribed to be worn by Muslim women in order to:

  • Become a faithful wife, a caring mother;
  • Protect the family from the negativity of ill-wishers;
  • Be merciful, follow the faith.

Residents of Asian countries are convinced that in order to protect Muslims from all troubles, it is correct to wear a magic sign with your fingers down.

The protection of the Hand of Fatima, which is able to repel evil energy, is necessary for pregnant women and nursing mothers, it helps to facilitate childbirth.

Hand of Miriam in Judaism

According to an old Jewish legend, Miriam was a prophetess, the sister of the founder of Judaism, Moses, and the Jewish high priest, Aaron.

Among the Israelites, the magical attribute, equipped with a star of David at the base, symbolizes the five human senses associated with the Pentateuch of the Torah.

The palm of Miriam, which helps to know the world and protects from temptations, is worn by the Jews with their fingers up. This is protection from the influence of the evil eye, the imposition of someone else’s will.

Relation to Hamsa in other religions

  • An open palm for the followers of Hinduism is a symbol of good intentions, an open soul of a person, a guarantee of successful love, strong friendship, and successful work.
  • Followers of Jainism (an ancient religion that forbids killing) associate the stylized palm with goodness, resignation to fate, complete denial of violence, forgiveness of sins.
  • The ancient Egyptians called the amulet the Palm of Hamesh, which protects against the bad effects of black magic, ill-wishers that cause damage.
  • The beautiful half of the inhabitants of Turkey put on the amulet of Fatima to gain the protection of the daughter of the Prophet, to become a good housewife, faithful wife and mother.
  • Representatives of the Phoenician civilization called the talisman the palm of Tanit, personifying the goddess of fertility, the spiritual protector of Carthage.
  • Among the American Indians, it is customary to wear the Hamsa not as a talisman, but as a tattoo with an open eye. American Indians believed that such symbolism opens the gift of clairvoyance, intuition.

Significance for men and women

Valuable for many religions, the Hamsa amulet belongs to universal protective signs that are not subject to male or female influence.

In order to receive an answer from the Higher Forces, it is important for the owner of the amulet to specify the goals, to determine the desire.

Based on Vedic knowledge, esotericists interpret the influence of a magical attribute as follows:

  1. Gives a woman the ability to elevate and support her husband, providing him with a reliable rear. Hamsa promotes health, protection from spoilage, family quarrels, and after the birth of a child, guardianship extends to the baby.
  2. In a man, it stimulates a sense of responsibility for the family, endowing the wisdom of an invincible defender. Wearing Hamsa attracts good luck in work, neutralizes envious people, protects against the intrigues of enemies, protects on trips.

You need to buy the version of the amulet that you like. This is a pledge of unity with the amulet, which itself chooses a worthy owner.

Depending on the material of manufacture, Hamsa will act differently – gold activates a surge of subtle energies, silver is able to extinguish them.

Appearance of the amulet of the hand of Fatima

The protective Hamsa looks like a palm with fingers pointing down or up. The symbol means goodwill and sincerity. Consider the main types of Fatima’s hand:

  • palm with three long fingers in the middle and two symmetrical thumbs on the side;
  • in the center of the symbol is an eye that protects from dark forces;
  • fish are drawn on the image;
  • suras from the Koran are depicted;
  • the hand is made in the form of a bracelet, pendant or pendant made of precious metal;
  • the material from which the Hamsa amulet or hand is made can be different. Products are silver, ceramic, wooden, clay.

The meaning of a talisman without an image of an eye is a sign of a powerful supreme power that punishes and protects. In the Muslim world, five fingers symbolize the family of the Prophet Muhammad and the close connection between each of its members:

  • Muhammad;
  • daughter Fatima;
  • her husband Ali;
  • son Hassan;
  • son Hussein.

Eye of Horus in Hamsa amulet

And yet, the most common hamsa is with an eye, which in ancient Egyptian was called the “Holy Eye of Horus (God of Heaven)”. Such an amulet embodies the dual, and therefore the most effective, symbol of the best human existence – it combines omniscience and omnipotence. Here we also note the color – it is the blue Eye that is considered the best shield from the curse and the evil eye.

In ancient Egypt, it could be found everywhere: carved on sarcophagi, steles, boat sides … Then it was believed that Urey, or a snake, located on the bridge of the king’s nose as a “burning Eye”, was able to scatter all opponents. Note, however, that there is some difference between the right and left divine Eye. So the left (lunar) Eye, in fact, was the Eye of Horus, while the right Eye (solar, Urey) was more associated with magic and protection.

For Native Americans, according to some assumptions, the eye in the hand symbolized the ability to foresee. Nearly 50 years ago, anthropologist Clarence Moore drew attention to the presence of an “open eye symbol on the palm” of both Mexico and the southeastern United States.

In Buddhism, it is a symbol of compassionate wisdom. Here, Tara, the bodhisattva and goddess of compassion, is addressed as the embodiment of all enlightened ones, as a comforter and protector, showing mercy and love to all beings, comparable to the care of a mother for her children. In the images of Green Tara, we see her left hand at chest level in a gesture of protection (abhaya mudra), with the Eye in the center of the palm. And the All-Seeing Protector amulet is still used in Tibet to expel fear and oppression.

What power does the Hamsa amulet have?

The sacred magic symbol in the shape of the Palm is a sign of higher powers that protect the owner from troubles and illnesses. Hamsa is able to fill a person with spiritual and physical strength, power and material well-being. The talisman directs the owner to the “right” fate, the choice of a successful life path, good luck and positive events, and is also a way to protect love relationships.

How to use the Hamsa amulet?

The Hamsa amulet in the form of a palm symbolizes the presence of higher powers that can protect the owner from any failure. A magical talisman fills a person with spiritual strength, power, spiritual wealth, and also attracts financial well-being. It symbolizes the right path of life, filled with good luck, joy and a happy family life.

Hamsa is used as a talisman against ill-wishers and the evil eye. The talisman, as a rule, can be found at the entrance to an apartment or house, in the owner’s car, on key rings, and also on women’s jewelry. In most cases, on the amulet, in addition to the palm itself, there are other elements that protect against the evil eye, for example: a fish, an eye or a Star of David. There is information that all shades of blue protect a person well from ill-wishers. That is why hamsa are made in blue, blue or turquoise.

Hamsa amulet or hand of Fatima – the meaning of the symbol The amulet protects its owner independently, regardless of the opinion of adherents of any religious teaching. All states endow the amulet with unique functions. However, the purpose of the talisman, its appearance, the material from which it is made, the quality features are the same for everyone.

Versions of the origin of the Hamsa talisman

There are four legends about the origin of the Hamsa talisman:

  • 1. Hamsa originates in Mesopotamia and is associated with the goddess of fertility and carnal love Ishtar.
  • 2. The palm is associated with the talisman of the ancient Egyptians “the hand of all gods.”
  • 3. Bruno Barbatti (Swiss scholar) believes that the talisman originated with apotropaic magic in Islam.
  • 4. The Hamsa amulet was created in the Middle East.

The uniqueness of the Hamsa talisman is that this symbol can act as both a talisman and a talisman. The symbol becomes universal in use. Information about the magical presence is based on the study of the characteristics and effectiveness of the amulet.

The ancient sign of supreme power suggests the presence of a punishing and protective force. According to various legends, 5 phalanges of fingers are a sign of a spiritual relationship between members of the Prophet’s family: Muhammad, his daughter Fatima, son-in-law Ali, their sons Hassan and Hussein, who became caliphs.

How does the amulet affect the fate of the owners?

If we talk about the belonging of this talisman to any gender, then there are no distinctions: it can be worn by both men and women. According to the goals and motivation of the wearer of the amulet, the forces of energy meet them with a specific result. Esoteric teachings find a connection between the characteristic features of the use of a talisman and Vedic knowledge. The total discovery of the feminine and masculine is contained in one of the most ancient sacred teachings of Hinduism. According to the purpose, the girl supports and exalts her chosen one, gives him tender feelings, instills a sense of confidence. A man, being a breadwinner and a smart ally, stubbornly goes towards his goal.

Characteristics of the Hamsa talisman for a girl

  • 1. Support when “giving up”, when a woman gets tired of loving, forgiving, faces difficulties.
  • 2. The return of the ability to give happiness to others.
  • 3. Maintaining well-being in family relationships, preventing conflict situations.

Characteristics of the Hamsa talisman for men:

  • 1. Blessing for good luck in work.
  • 2. Protection from ill-wishers.
  • 3. Attracting material wealth.
  • 4. Help in making the right decisions.

In general, this amulet works to maintain the owner’s well-being, protects him from failures and illnesses, directs him to the right and happy life path.

Who is the hand of Fatima and how it can help

Hamsa is a universal protective symbol that will not be superfluous to any person. But the following will feel the special benefit from wearing it:

  1. Children who often get sick and easily succumb to other people’s influences – the amulet will mirror any negative impact on the energy level.
  2. Drivers of vehicles – on the ignition key or on the rearview mirror, the amulet will help you choose the right and easy road and avoid accidents.
  3. Travelers and those going on a long journey – the talisman will make the journey easier and help you find your way home without difficulty.
  4. For women, the Hand of Fatima becomes a symbol of virtue and family. A talisman that harmonizes any relationship within the family and around the wearer herself.

This amulet helps everyone who decides to wear it. It calms rushing souls and impulsive thoughts. A sober look at life helps to find the right solution to the problem.

Hamsa is an open palm, which means that both the carrier and those around him who fall under the influence will become more honest and open to dialogue.

How to activate the amulet

It is not enough just to buy and wear an amulet with symbols – such a talisman will work, but far from being in full force. To fully protect yourself from negativity, you need to activate Hamsa according to one of the rituals.

With the help of the elements

You will need items symbolizing the four elements, namely:

  1. A bowl of pure water is the element of Water;
  2. A burning candle (any one will do) – the element of Fire;
  3. A pinch of earth or sand is the element of the Earth;
  4. The smoking stick of incense is the element of Air.

Activation is carried out as follows:

  • All accessories are prepared – a container with water is placed on the table, earth is poured separately, a candle and a stick are lit.
  • Next, you need to take the talisman in your hand and try to feel it. To do this, you can carefully examine it, talk with the amulet, hold it longer in your hands – any actions will do to establish a connection with the subject.
  • As soon as the consciousness is focused on the sign, the action itself begins. The amulet is carried over a burning candle (you do not need to dip it into the flame, you can gently hold it over the fire so that the heat of the candle touches the amulet) and say out loud: “I am directing fire at you.”
  • After that, the talisman is held in smoke from a wand with a conspiracy: “I am directing air at you.”
  • Further, Hamsa is sprinkled with earth with the words: “I am directing the earth at you.”
  • The last action – the symbol is dipped into the bowl or sprinkled with the words: “I am directing water at you.”
  • In conclusion, Hamsa holds himself in front of him and the final remark is pronounced: “Protect me from all adversity. Repel any evil. Save me from misfortune. Save from deceit.

The order of interaction with the elements is not so important. The main thing is that everyone should touch the talisman with the appropriate words.

With a candle

There is another, equivalent method of activating the Hand of Fatima. All he needs is a candle and the symbol itself. First you need to sit and twist the talisman in your hand, if necessary, you can talk and try to tune in to the thing in your hand. As soon as the connection is established, a candle is lit and a conspiracy is pronounced:

“Let sadness not enter the gate, let difficulty wait under the wall, let quarrels not bloom on this earth, let this house be filled with joy and peace.”

Words should speak from the heart, going straight to the symbol.

How to charge the amulet?

This simple ritual can be performed at home. It consists of four stages associated with the forces of the four elements.

First you need to take a talisman in the palm of your hand and tune in to the waves of its energy. Once you feel warm, you can move on to the next step. Carry the amulet over a previously prepared lit candle several times, mentally directing the power of fire into it. After that, the talisman should be showered with earth, and then smoke from incense should be directed at it. And the final stage will be the sprinkling of the amulet with cold water. After the ritual, you can wear the Hamsa amulet and know that it will become your protector from the evil eye, as well as give strength and confidence for new things.

Hand of Fatima as decoration

The symbol is often used in various precious and bijouterie jewelry. It can be worn without harm simply as a beautiful pendant or bracelet, or used as an amulet and a talisman “for good luck.”

It is recommended to wear the Hamsa as a bracelet. On the right hand, he will help activate male energy and achieve career advancement, gain authority and material wealth, endurance.

On the left hand, the sign will help to use female energy: the desire for creation, wisdom and the ability to foresee the outcome of events, loyalty to one’s family and one’s convictions, calmness and equanimity in stressful situations.

Do-it-yourself Hamsa amulet, video and diagrams

Even in ancient times, it was believed that a self-made amulet is the most powerful amulet for its owner. It is not so important how and with what to make an amulet, the main thing is not to rush and make it with pleasure and positive thoughts.

How and what materials are used to make the amulet

Hamsa can be made from absolutely any material, using any technique. Most often it is painted directly on the wall or decorated as a picture. To do this, use a stencil to outline a symmetrical outline, and then fill it with oriental patterns or other protective signs.

The hamsa embroidered with a cross will also fit into the interior. To make it, you will need canvas, floss threads, a needle and scissors.

Beautiful and truly protective amulets are also made from beads using brick technology. To make a small pendant, you will need beads, thread or thin fishing line, a needle and scissors. The resulting symbol can be worn on a chain or cord, like a pendant or hung on a bracelet.

Hamsa is a powerful symbol that helped people in all matters thousands of years ago. Wearing it removes any negativity from the owner and attracts positive energy. Regardless of religion, gender, age and lifestyle, the Hand of Fatima will become a reliable amulet.

Difference in appearance and product materials

Fatima’s hand can be made from any material. But it is believed that in order to reflect hostile energies, it is important that the surface of the amulet be mirrored, that is, reflective.

Of the precious metals in the manufacture of Hamsa, gold is more often used, less often silver.

Gold is an activator of energies, and silver is the opposite. Therefore, gold attracts the good, and silver repels the bad.

ATTENTION! If you add blue jewelry (for example, enamel inserts or turquoise), then the protective properties will increase.

Inserts are traditionally made of turquoise or blue enamel.

In Muslim tradition, the blue color is considered to protect against the evil eye and evil forces. It is recommended to wear the talisman as close to the body as possible.

There are various options for use as decorations:

  • Hamsa ring (worn both on the lower phalanges and on the upper ones);
  • Hamsa bracelet (complemented with elements in the form of fingers and other symbols);
  • Hamsa pendant (worn both on the neck and on the arm). It is believed that such a suspension, worn on a red thread, contributes, among other things, to strengthening health;
  • the pendant is recommended to be worn on a separate chain or cord.

IMPORTANT! It is not customary for adherents of the Orthodox faith to wear both the image of the cross and other symbols around their neck at the same time. Therefore, in the case of wearing a cross, other methods of storing the Hamsa amulet are chosen closer to the body.

Blue eye, holy eye of Horus

In ancient Egypt, the symbol of a palm with an eye in the center was used to decorate ritual objects (for example, sarcophagi). It was believed that this eye belongs to the god Horus.

The meaning of the “eye in the palm” symbol depended on the orientation of the eye: if it is the left eye, then it heals and helps to lengthen life, and if it is the right eye, it protects from evil forces.

There were 2 versions of this sign: white – for the living and black – for the dead.


Drawings with Hamesh are used mainly to protect a home or other premises from the penetration of malicious persons.

Such images are often accompanied by written blessings and hung either at the entrance or directly opposite it.

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It is believed that this protects not only from robbers, but also from fire.


The hand of Fatima embroidery is used in much the same way as a hand-drawn image.

It can be found on carpets, tapestry paintings, clothing items (to be worn closer to the body).

In addition to protecting the home, wall decoration is designed to improve the well-being of the owners of the home and contribute to the fulfillment of their desires.

There are other options for using embroidered and drawn images: they are placed in the interior of a car to prevent accidents and theft.

Hamsa in the interior

A beautiful and harmonious image will not be superfluous or incorrect on various interior items. It will calm the energy of space, protect the house and all property from robberies, deliberate damage and the destructive action of the forces of the elements (fire, flood, earthquake and hurricane).

Hamsa on clothes

Wearing a symbol on clothes is similar to wearing a body amulet. The image is applied to light, comfortable clothes and removes the negative from its wearer.

Thanks to the Arab influence on world fashion, it is not difficult to find such protective clothing, especially summer ones. It is filled with lightness, weightlessness and bright energy of fashion designers who conceived it.

Hamsa tattoo meaning

The tattoo “Fatima’s hand” was traditionally applied on the back between the shoulder blades.

The meaning of choosing this particular place is that enemies often attack from the back.

Currently, the back is the most popular place for applying such a tattoo. They also do it on the back of the neck and on the right wrist.

Permanent or temporary tattoo with Hand of Fatima

Wearing a talisman directly on the body is a responsible decision. It is very difficult to get rid of such a symbol. Despite the absolutely positive interpretation of Hamsa, being constantly under its protection requires certain internal strengths and determination.

In ancient times, they believed: The amulet will protect against an arrow or a blade in the back. So, wearing an image on this part of the body will save you from an insidious death. Later, other good places for the image were identified – the neck and right wrist.

A protective tattoo or mehendi should not be catchy. It also should not be done in a hurry, thoughtlessly.

Is it possible to wear Orthodox?

This sign is very popular with Muslims, but talismans of a similar shape can be found in other religions. The palm as a symbol is also applicable in Christianity, known as the “Hand of God”, the protector of wandering people. In modern life, in order to rid the house of evil, the amulet is placed at the front door, on the wall, as a piece of furniture. Recently, it has been customary to use Hamsa in the workplace, which contributes to promotion, protects from envious people. It is not uncommon to use the Hamsa symbol in a car. If spouses wear amulets, then this strengthens their union, protects the family, and attracts good energy.

The issue of wearing such amulets by the Orthodox is ambiguous. A deeply religious person will certainly give a negative answer. A clergyman will express the same opinion. According to the canons of Orthodoxy, the presence of objects of other beliefs in the temple is forbidden. Wearing an amulet with a pectoral cross is contraindicated, since any sign nearby is considered pagan. The hand of Fatima is very ancient, has a large number of meanings that could change over time. So the use of the amulet must be approached thoughtfully and carefully.

In everyday life, there is no “taboo” on wearing Hamsa. All power is in faith. If Fatima’s hand gives firmness, let it be your protection.

Interesting Facts

  • In Islam, it is believed that a house with the Hand of Fatima applied to the wall cannot burn down.
  • When the Arabs were expelled from the territory of modern Spain, the symbol was used by the local population for a long time. Only in 1526, the Catholic Church officially banned the symbolism of other faiths.
  • In the countries of the East, the symbol indicates deep trust and reverence, reinforcing the agreements and promises of people.


The ancient hamsa amulet is a powerful protective tool, the power of which has been tested by centuries of history. “Hand of Fatima” will reflect any negative impact and save you from misfortune. But remember: the amulet serves only to those whose soul is pure and who does not wish harm to people.


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