Geophysicists have shown what the Earth will look like in hundreds of millions of years

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have come to the conclusion that in the next 200 million years a supercontinent may form on the planet at the equator or near the poles. Such changes will cause dramatic climatic changes.

Supercontinent formation obeys certain cycles. In the past, there was a single continent called Pangea. The land was either separated under the influence of tectonic processes, then joined.

Today the continents are shifting: the distance between North America and Europe is growing, Australia is moving northeast, and Africa is splitting along the East African Rift.

Modeling has shown that in 200 million years, land could reunite. People will have to adapt to a completely different climate, noted geologist Ronald Blake of Northern Arizona University.

Unification can take place near the equator, the new continent will be called Aurica. Inland, the weather will be dry and hot. The area will absorb an incredible amount of sunlight.

In another scenario, land will be concentrated in the north of the planet. Such a formation will be called Amazia. Only Antarctica will remain in the south. Due to the shift, warm currents will no longer warm coastal areas, and therefore will be significantly colder on the new continent. It will only get colder each time due to the reflection of sunlight by the ice.



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