Found evidence that ornithischian dinosaurs huddled in flocks in the Jurassic

(ORDO NEWS) — Ornithischian dinosaurs led a pack lifestyle already in the Lower Jurassic. The corresponding scientific study about this is published in the journal Palaeontology.

According to paleontologists, Lesothosaurs, which are considered one of the oldest ornithischian dinosaurs, lived in South Africa and Lesotho at the beginning of the Jurassic period (180-200 million years ago). Scientists have found that the animals were omnivores and they had small bodies.

Jennifer Botha of the Free State University (South Africa) and her colleagues examined the fossilized parts of the bodies of these dinosaurs.

The scientists analyzed 27 limb bones from several members of the species. As a result, they managed to recreate a picture of the stages of maturation of ornithischian dinosaurs.

Paleontologists have found that Lesothosaurs grew rapidly during early and middle ontogeny, but between two and four years of age, their growth rate slowed down and they reached sexual maturity.

At the same time, none of the animal skeletons that paleontologists have studied is fully formed, that is, it took more than six years for the Lesothosaurus to become an adult.

Also, considering that 17 forestosaurs of different ages were buried together, paleontologists concluded that this species lived in packs. This is the earliest evidence of pack formation in ornithischian dinosaurs.


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