Elon Musk’s agreement to buy Twitter is under threat

(ORDO NEWS) — The Western edition of the Washington Post published material based on data from its own sources close to the agreement between Elon Musk and Twitter. Three people at once claim that its closure is now under threat.

According to the publication, negotiations with investors have significantly decreased in recent weeks. Musk’s team concluded that Twitter data on spam accounts was unverifiable.

What is known

– Musk has pulled out of some of the discussions about financing the $44 billion deal, including with a party cited as a likely backer, according to one source.

– Talks with investors have dwindled in recent weeks as Musk’s team continues to cast doubt on the platform’s recent user base data that puts fake accounts at just 5 percent.

Whistleblowers say doubts indicate that the billionaire’s lawyers believe they don’t have enough information to assess Twitter’s prospects as a business.

– One source says that now that Musk’s team has concluded it can’t verify Twitter data on spam accounts, it is expected to take potentially drastic action. This person says that there is likely to be a change of direction on the part of the buyer soon.

– Spam accounts aren’t the only reason Musk might try to evade the deal. Twitter’s share price has plummeted since its takeover bid in April, giving the impression that it is overpaying.

Despite everything, it will not be easy for Musk to back out of the deal. He can only cancel his purchase offer if something serious happens to Twitter’s business , and legal experts doubt that the bot problem would fit that definition.

Twitter, which initially tried to fight Musk’s 100 percent buyout offer, will be a weaker company if the deal falls apart.

They said they wanted to close the deal. Even if Musk refuses, he will have to pay a $1 billion termination fine.


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