Eight bodies and a heartbreaking note found in a car stuck in the Libyan desert

(ORDO NEWS) — Kufrah police found eight dead in the Libyan desert. All of them were members of the same family.

The belongings of the victims were scattered around the car. Some of them were already covered with sand when they were discovered. It is not clear where another 13 people disappeared. Most likely, they will die of hunger or thirst.

Local media reported that 21 people were driving the Toyota Sequoia. The car broke down near the city of Kufra. In the car, the police also found a note left by one of the women. In it, she asked for forgiveness from her mother, whom she could not get through.

Libyan police concluded that the family most likely left Sudan in late summer 2020 and headed to Kufra. At the scene of the tragedy, they also found two identity cards that belonged to the dead men.

To date, the police are trying to find the rest of the people who have gone missing. There are still chances that they will be found alive, but every day there is less and less time. If they are not found in the near future, then they will have absolutely no chance of survival.


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