Drought to reduce wine in France

(ORDO NEWS) — Winemakers in France will lose volumes of wine this year due to drought and abnormal heat, but this year cannot be called catastrophic: the French will not be left without wine, Amelie Petit, development manager for the French association of winemakers Vignerons Engagés.

“There are many climatic factors that have affected wine production since the beginning of 2022. These are, for example, frosts and hail, which led to a decrease in production volumes in various vineyards in France, and in summer, drought and extreme heat, which will also affect the volumes of wine produced. wine,” said Petit.

According to her, when the vineyards began to bloom in France, there was little moisture, because the drought began quite early this year, and the abnormal heat that came in the summer further contributed to the evaporation of water in the vines.

“This year we expect 44 million hectoliters of wine, which is more than in 2021, as then the spring frosts hit the harvest in many regions, but less than we expected – for example, 50 million hectoliters, as was the case in 2020 “, – told the agency a representative of the association of winemakers.

As for the varieties of wine, as the interlocutor of the agency noted, the population will not lose any of them, just some varieties will be presented in smaller volumes.

“Now we have little stock in the cellars, but we hope to fill them in 2022.

Of course, in this regard, some products will have difficulties, but this year cannot be called catastrophic in terms of the volume and quality of wine,” summed up Amélie Petit.

France’s wine-producing regions most affected by the drought, she said, were the Loire, Burgundy and Bordeaux (the latter two were also hard hit earlier by frosts).

France has already experienced several heatwaves this summer, with temperatures rising above 40 degrees. Due to the drought caused by high temperatures, restrictions on the use of water were introduced throughout the country in July.

In the spring of 2021, late frosts in France affected several hundred thousand hectares of vineyards, trees and field crops. Wine production in the country last year decreased by 19%, amounting to 37.6 million hectoliters.


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