Can pets become a source of infection

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On the question of whether our beloved pets are capable of becoming a source of dangerous infections, Alexander Myasnikov answers in the affirmative in the program “On the Most Important One”. And yet, according to him, the benefits of animals are much greater than the likelihood of contracting any disease.

We give them shelter and food, and in return they give us peace of mind, relieve stress, and even help lower blood pressure. “They just love us – selflessly, for what we are,” the doctor emphasizes.

In the case of cats and dogs, people are most often afraid of bites, and there are a few simple rules for this case:

  1. If the animal has bitten out of the blue, demonstrating inappropriate behavior, you should immediately consult a doctor. The same recommendation should be followed in the event of an attack by wild or unfamiliar animals.
  2. If you have not had a tetanus shot in the past five years, you must get vaccinated.
  3. It is recommended to drink a course of antibiotics, since the oral cavity of animals is highly infected. Typically, the doctor prescribes a broad spectrum of drugs.
  4. Bite wounds are not sutured unless they are located on the face.

The next common question is how often should an animal be checked for helminths? Alexander Leonidovich claims that the dog must be periodically shown to the veterinarian to determine the likelihood of infection and give it the appropriate drugs. In this case, the owner does not need to take the medication himself. As a rule, parasite infestation is asymptomatic and does not require special treatment. That said, a pet insurance in place could ensure that the owner does not have to go through a hassle of any emergency care or medication that might be required.

However, common problems involved with Cats and Dogs are issues such as Ticks, Fleas and Lice – and these need to quickly identified and tackled head on.

You can often hear the statement that a cat can become a source of toxoplasmosis. In fact, the animal can only be a carrier of this infectious disease, and its source is raw meat, water or wild animals. Thus, when they become infected through food, they can transmit the infection to humans. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully handle the tray and change it as often as possible. At the same time, if a domestic cat eats dry food and canned food and drinks only drinking water, the likelihood of infection with toxoplasmosis is reduced to zero. Hence another important rule – foreign, as the doctor notes: “Cats and dogs should only be fed with purchased food. Do not give raw meat, do not allow drinking from a puddle.”

Also for humans there is a danger of the so-called cat scratch disease. It can be especially dangerous for young children, people with chronic illnesses and weakened immune systems, and people with HIV. And if someone from this category lives in the house, Alexander Myasnikov recommends not having a playful kitten, but a more accurate one-year-old cat.

In a pandemic, many are worried about the question: can a dog or cat infect us with COVID-19? According to the specialist, pets can get coronavirus. That is, we can infect them, but they cannot infect us. To date, no such cases have been recorded, and those that were written about earlier have not been confirmed.

In this regard, the doctor drew attention to another, much more important point: if the owner, out of fear of covid or other diseases, is ready to part with his close friend and throw him out into the street, then how can you call yourself a human after that?

“The main diseases we get from people. People bite, kill, betray, spread diseases, stress each other. Let’s take care of ourselves and think about how we can reduce the transmission of negativity that we carry in ourselves – especially during an epidemic.” , – calls the specialist. “Let’s be attentive to those who depend on us, then everything will be fine with us!” he adds.


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