A man for money took responsibility for traffic violations committed by other people

(ORDO NEWS) — Spanish authorities have arrested a man who confessed to 100 traffic violations committed by other people.

The Civil Guard of the Balearic Islands (Spain) reported that they detained a man who advertised a rather unusual service on the Internet. The unnamed man offered to take the blame for the driving violations so that the real culprit would keep his driver’s license and avoid paying fines.

Sure, he changed money for his services between 75 and 200 euros for a point deducted from his own driver’s license and his business flourished.

It all started in the summer of 2021, when the Mallorcan Civil Guard investigated an incident that took place on the Andratx highway. The driver, who was signaled by the police to stop for a routine breathalyzer test, ignored their demands and drove off, nearly hitting the policeman.

Unfortunately for the motorist, the police had taken down his registration number and were about to file paperwork for him. Later, the man turned to the police and stated that he was the culprit of various violations.

This was unexpected, so the police checked and found out that the man did not have a motorcycle driver’s license, he did not have valid points in his license, and he was also not in the Mallorca region on the day this incident occurred.

As the investigation continued, the plot became more and more confusing. The man was featured as the author of numerous traffic violations throughout the peninsula, and everywhere he lost points, despite the fact that his rights had already been suspended.

In all cases, the same process was repeated. The man confessed to being a motorcycle rider who committed a serious offense despite the fact that the vehicle was registered in the name of another person. Thus, vehicle owners kept their points on their driver’s licenses.

In Spain, a point system is used to punish a driver for traffic violations. Each driver starts with 12 points (beginners start with 8) and then they start to lose them every time they break the rules.

For example, using a smartphone while driving will cost you 3 points and you will also have to pay a fine. When someone loses all their points, their driver’s license is suspended for a certain period of time.

The Mallorca Road Service found that the driver had -321 points.

Further investigation revealed even stranger things. For example, the system showed that he confessed to committing two offenses on the same day, only half an hour apart, only 800 kilometers from each location…

On more than a dozen occasions, he admitted to driving a motorcycle in excess of the speed limit, although radar camera footage clearly showed that the drivers were women.

The police investigation eventually revealed that he advertised his services as a scapegoat for anyone who did not want to lose points and pay a fine. He charged between 75 and 200 euros per point and, according to sources, he dealt with at least 91 people from all over Spain.

The unfortunate businessman had long since been stripped of his driver’s license, but he continued to take the blame for the violations of others and make a profit.


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