A giant pearl was found in the Philippines and by the will of God was sold in the US for $ 130 million

(ORDO NEWS) — The $130 million giant pearl is in private hands in the US after it was removed from the Philippines.

The 36kg pearl, thought to be the largest ever discovered, was shipped to the US via Hong Kong by Charlton Hollenbach, who claims to have acted on behalf of a local missionary.

It is not clear how the transfer was made, since such pearls must be registered with the National Museum of the Philippines, after which they become public property as a national treasure.

It is not known if the export of the pearl violated any Philippine laws.

It also bears a remarkably close resemblance to the giant pearl found in Palawan last summer. This pearl weighed 34 kg and was considered the largest ever discovered.

“To get it to the United States, I think we’re probably the first ones to do what we did.”

The Lewisburg, Pennsylvania resident said he was only acting on behalf of missionary Gloria Huetter, who claims she once worked with Mother Teresa. She says the fortune will be used to help disadvantaged people in the Philippines.

“I had a vision,” she said, “and while I was praying on my bed, I heard the voice of God. He gives me more blessings, more than this. More than this, and therefore I know that this is a sign that I get it,” she said.


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