40-year-old woman washed her face only with oil and rejuvenated

(ORDO NEWS) — Brenda Gabrielle, 40, explained that oil washing helped her keep her youth.

Young-looking woman reveals hacks that help her keep her skin beautiful and fresh. Her words are quoted by Express.

40-year-old Brenda Gabriel (Brenda Gabriel) explained that others can never calculate her real age and believe that she is a little over 20 years old. Moreover, according to the heroine of the material, she is often mistaken for the beloved of her 23-year-old son.

40 year old woman washed her face only with oil and rejuvenated 2

Gabrielle assured that the secret of her youth lies in the rejection of daily washing. She added that she cleanses her face only twice a week. In addition, the woman noted that instead of water, she prefers to wash herself with olive or jojoba oil. “Skin gets drier as we age, so oil is the best dehydrator,” she shared her advice.

At the same time, Gabriel adheres to proper nutrition, but does not play sports. She also admitted that she recently learned about the benefits of protein and started drinking protein shakes. In addition, for the sake of beautiful skin, she tries to avoid stressful situations in life.

Earlier in March, the youthful-looking 90-year-old revealed her beauty secret. American Dalys Barnett Radtke said that good heredity and training in the gym helps her elderly mother look younger than her age: stretching, ball exercises and cardio.

Radtke also noted that her mother follows a simple skin care regimen, including washing her face with soap and water and applying moisturizing lotion to her face.


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