150 million dinosaur skeleton put up for auction

(ORDO NEWS) — The 150-million-year-old Iguanadon Zephyr dinosaur skeleton will go up for auction next month in Paris.

The estimated sale price is between 400,000 and 500,000 euros. The fossil is from the Upper Jurassic and is called Zephyr – from the Greek word “Zephyros” or “west wind” – in reference to where it came from.

According to paleontologist Jacopo Briano, who oversees the sale of the fossil, workers accidentally discovered the ancient skeleton in 2019 while building a road on private land in a quarry in Moffat County, Colorado, USA.

Iguanodon is a herbivorous dinosaur species named for its teeth, similar to those of modern iguanas. Marshmallows are considered small by dinosaur standards: approximately 3.25 m long, 1.3 m high and 75 cm wide.

Briano said he had been looking for a smaller specimen for a long time, as the auction house had many clients and collectors who wanted a dinosaur that could fit in the living room.

The dinosaur will be put up for sale in Paris at the Drouot Hotel after three days of public display.


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