Breath of a person can indicate the duration of his life

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of Australian researchers, after conducting experiments for many years, concluded that a person’s life expectancy can be determined by the way he breathes.

An important symptom, shortness of breath, has a special effect on the number of years lived.

2087 subjects took part in the study. Experts observed the volunteers for 22 years. As a result, they found that people suffering from shortness of breath died much earlier than those who did not encounter a similar symptom. It turned out that it did not matter at all whether a person had ever smoked or not.

Experts have noticed that smokers, even ex-smokers, cough. And those who smoke now whistle when they breathe. All this also points to a shorter lifespan. The authors published their work in the journal Respirology.

The researchers stressed that respiratory symptoms predict death in the elderly. People suffering from shortness of breath should pay attention to this symptom. They need to be examined and treated.


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