Zoom caught on a drain of user data

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — “According to the document, the privacy policy of the service is not explained in detail to users.” The American media write about the lawsuit filed in California by a resident of the city of Sacramento. Which, it is claimed, has accumulated uncomfortable questions for the Zoom application and its developers.

Say, a popular program for organizing multi-channel video conferencing over encrypted channels – in fact, it does not really care about the privacy of those who installed it. More specifically, it allegedly transfers information about these people to certain “third parties” or “third parties.”

That is, from the point of view of the plaintiff, being launched on a particular device, Zoom immediately merges the owner’s personal data into the Network. And makes them available, for example, for social media algorithms. The alignment, of course, is unpleasant: accordingly, there are already those who want to join the lawsuit. Although it is believed that such claims are not accidentally voiced right now. And directly related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Zoom is no less popular than skype. A number of media have already named the application the main means of communication in a pandemic. The program is not only for talking with loved ones – it is used by schoolchildren and students, companies of various calibers. “Udalenka” obliges to be in touch.

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Zoom caught on a drain of user data 2

Zoom today is one of the three most downloaded applications. For example, a week ago – in a day Zoom downloaded more than two million times. The program has already put its CEO Eric Yuan on the Forbes list with a fortune of almost $ 8 billion.

By the way, Zoom since April 2019, is traded on the NASDAQ exchange. And you can easily track how since the beginning of the year, from the moment when China fixed the coronavirus, the stock price has been steadily creeping up. Zoom has risen in price twice. Now the company’s capitalization is estimated at 40 and a half billion dollars. And then a version appears. Perhaps a lawsuit is a provocation, or simply extortion.

And it’s easier to negotiate with one applicant, rather than wait for financial losses in the market due to a lawsuit. Moreover, he is not collective, which would be much more serious. However, Zoom once created an occasion for a major scandal. A few years ago, the program could be used for surveillance.

IT experts explain. The rules for using personal data are hardly very different from similar programs or applications for video calls, or instant messengers. And they are agreed by lawyers who are sure that the user agreement will probably specify how the data can be used. However, even in this case, Zoom may be awaiting litigation. And it will be necessary to prove that everything was done to stop potential crackers.

Professional hackers, as we see, over the past 10-20 years have gained access to military departmental systems, intelligence systems.

Anyway. Due to the pandemic, lawsuits are much slower than usual. Yes, and hardly anyone will be in a hurry. Indeed, for the American judicial system – similar claims, a normal case, with the goal of simply making money. And the last – obviously, no one will proactively close the application, which in isolation gives people a chance to see and work productively.


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