Zoologists first discovered nocturnal erections in primates

(ORDO NEWS) — Zoologists from Kyoto University have for the first time recorded nocturnal erections in male primates, a phenomenon previously known only in males. They talked more about this in an article in Behavior magazine.

By monitoring the sleep of captive chimpanzees with infrared cameras, the researchers found that 8 out of 12 males experience nocturnal erections.

In addition, four of them masturbated and ate ejaculate at the same time. This behavior has been observed previously in other primates, presumably as a way to supplement the diet with essential minerals and other nutrients.

“Until now, spontaneous nocturnal penis erections have not been reported in any primate. We only assumed its presence, ”the authors of the work said.

Perhaps nocturnal erections are needed to optimize the quality of the ejaculate or increase the saturation of the tissues of the genital organs with oxygen, protecting against erectile dysfunction.

Scientists hope that further observations of primates will allow us to learn more about the causes of nocturnal erections in humans.


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