Zombie cells found in the human body

(ORDO NEWS) — Telomeres – protective regions at the ends of chromosomes – become shorter during cell division, which leads to the destruction of genetic material, mutations and cancer.

Cells with too short telomeres can avoid becoming cancerous, becoming “zombie cells” – writes The Conversation.

If zombie cells do not die, they accumulate in the body – that is, they become more and more as they age.

Scientists believe that such cells may even be useful, because. they attract immune cells, which ensure that senescent cells do not turn into malignant ones.

On the other hand, zombie cells can provoke various diseases, because they because of them, the mechanism of tissue repair is disrupted and the functionality of the immune system is reduced.

Aging cells release chemicals that cause persistent inflammation, a factor that increases the risk of developing serious chronic diseases.

A new study has shown that cells can go into zombie mode as a result of direct damage to telomeres.

Understanding this mechanism, according to scientists, will allow us to better understand the causes of some age-related diseases.


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