Zodiac serial killer cipher solved 50 years after his murders

(ORDO NEWS) — In the early 1960s, there was a serial killer known as the Zodiac in the United States. This name was given to him, since the offender was especially sensitive to the horoscope of the victims and used astrological symbols in his notes. Interestingly, to this day, the identity of the killer has not been revealed.

The man encrypted information about himself and sent it to the newspapers. In his materials, the maniac claimed that there were already 37 victims on his account, but only in seven cases did the police prove the involvement of the Zodiac.

One of the ciphers, which received the editorial staff of the San Francisco Chronicle, was solved by scientists only 51 years later. The note bore the name “Code 340″. 340 – that is how many characters there were on paper. Experts from the USA, Australia and Belgium were involved in solving the puzzle. Everyone expected that it would be possible to find out the name of the maniac, but the scientists were disappointed.

The zodiac wrote that chasing him is probably a lot of fun. “I am not afraid of death, because then I will go to Paradise earlier. Now I have enough slaves. They are afraid to die, but I am not. ”

Specialist David Oranchak tried to develop a program for automatic decryption of texts, but failed. This, it should be noted, was the second letter. The first was solved by an American couple in 1969. With the help of a cipher, the Zodiac explained why he commits murder.


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