Youtubers put Tesla on tracks and made a tank out of it: video

(ORDO NEWS) — A few enthusiasts from a popular YouTube channel have turned the Tesla Model 3 into an electric tank on huge tracks. Here’s what it looks like.

As soon as bloggers do not mock cars. This time, Tesla got under the distribution, from which they made a real electric tank

The German bloggers at The Real Life Guys are known for some of their wild inventions, like the bathtub submarine and the awesome off-road wheelchair.

But this time, something more grandiose was waiting for them – an electric tank based on Tesla. It should be said right away that the project was funded by Autohero, an online platform for the sale of used cars.

How bloggers made a tank out of Tesla

According to bloggers at Real Life Guys, the build took place over four weeks “day and night.” Much of the team’s efforts were focused on the giant tracks.

Bloggers tested the first version of the transport by towing it and jumping on it. The first test was successful, so the enthusiasts created a second model, in which the Tesla Model 3 took its place above the tracks using a specially created platform.

With 78 centimeters of ground clearance, you can head into the desert if there is a charging station somewhere within reach. However, heavy tracks certainly reduce the range of an EV significantly.

It would be interesting to know how much this electric tank can go on a single charge. In theory, of course, you can add a few batteries to it to increase its range, but does this make sense if the best place for such a vehicle is in a museum?

Bloggers do not name the cost of this monster, but considering what components the guys used to create the Teslatank, the costs can be several tens of millions of rubles. So just enjoy the video with this huge and strange “beast”.


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