Youtuber has assembled a monstrous crossbow that shoots circular saws

(ORDO NEWS) — The charismatic German never ceases to delight the world with deadly toys. One of his latest inventions is a deadly throwing mechanism that uses jagged disks instead of projectiles!

People have always loved to shoot. Both men and women. Therefore, there are so many shooting galleries in the world. But one of the great pleasures of shooting is to fire something out of the ordinary.

Ideally, an unexpected projectile. That is why this video interested us – in it, the rounds for firing are disks for a circular saw.

Yes, you heard right, German YouTuber Jörg Shprave from The Slingshot Channel made a machine capable of throwing discs from a circular.

Shooting discs in this mode, it seems, has not yet been implemented by anyone. So the German enthusiast runs the risk of becoming the first of its kind.

The YouTuber took the idea of ​​such a weapon from the game Farcry: New Dawn – it was used by one of the twins from a gang of raiders.

According to Jörg, his weapons are completely mechanical, without any electronic components. However, shooting discs from such weapons is very powerful.

The YouTuber showed in detail how he assembled his unit and demonstrated with what force the discs from the circular saw pierce the target.

Disc-shooting weapons, according to Jörg Shprave, are very different from analogues that other users have collected. In particular, this mechanical unit can shoot full-sized circular saw blades, rather than their smaller counterparts.

But if you still decide to collect the same weapon in your country house, be careful – it is so powerful that it can easily break through a huge silicone mold and pierce deep into wooden obstacles.

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