Young children scare their parents with stories of their past lives

(ORDO NEWS) — Several world religions recognize reincarnation (rebirth after death in a new body), but no convincing evidence of this has ever been presented.

Nevertheless, many people believe that such things exist, and their own children often persuade them to do so.

British comedian and podcaster Dan Schreiber recently tweeted the following: 

“I had an interesting conversation tonight, before going to bed, with my 3-year-old child.” Dad, I had a family a long time ago, and my mother’s name was Sochi, and my name was Anke, but then I died, and now I’m here with your family, “he told me.

Continuing this post, a clearly frightened Dan wrote: “Anyway, if anyone needs me now, I’ll wash my soiled pants in the bathroom for the rest of the night.”

Dan Schreiber later told reporters that he and his wife started talking to their son about what he had told them and asked him to tell even more about the time when his name was Anke. And the boy named other members of his “past” family by the names, and also stated that they lived on the seashore.

Many similar stories from Dan’s followers have been posted in the comments on this post. Including from Call the Midwife star Stephen McGann:

“We had very similar conversations when my son was very young. He said“ When I was Andrei. ”It happened when he once watched the cartoon“ Anastasia ”(about the allegedly surviving Russian princess Anastasia Romanova), and then pointed to the screen and said “That’s where I lived when I was Andrew.” Children are creepy … “

Podcast producer Andrew Harrison wrote the following: 

“A friend of my friend once noticed a slight twitching on the face of her little daughter and said to the girl,” You looked just like my mother when you did it. “And her daughter said,” I was your mother. “

User Sarah Clois shared the following chilling story: 

“My niece did this. She told us how sad she was to die in the water and leave her old mom and dad, but she was happy that we now have her.”

Another user wrote:

“My mom and sister rode in a taxi with my nephew when he was about three years old. He pointed to the Claire’s Accessories trinket shop and said,” When I was a big boy and I was a firefighter, I used to go to this pet store. ” did not crash the car and said that it really used to be a pet shop when he was a kid. “

User Tracy Caldwell not only shared her story, but also attached a photo to it to prove it: 

“My 3 year old son once built a VERY realistic old wood block factory and said, ‘This is where I worked when I was still alive.’ 

And this is a story from user John F. Kennedy:

“When my younger brother was little, he told my mother:“ This is the place where I died, Mommy. ”At that time, she bathed him in the bath. 18 months before his birth, she was pregnant with another child and had a miscarriage”.

A story from a woman named Bev Palfreyman:

“We nicknamed our daughter ‘Spooky’ (spooky) because she talked about her two previous lives between the ages of 3 and 5. she remained completely calm, stating that her friend had told her it would happen and that we would all be fine. “

Story from Joanna:

“My boy told me at about 3 years old that he was taken to a room where you choose your future parents. He said that there are many pictures of people, and he chose me for my smile. He thought that people remember this later and that this is completely normal. He also described to me the faces of other parents. “

A story from Kay Walpole:

“Once, when my son was about three years old, we danced with him jokingly, putting his feet on my feet, and he said:” Mom, I remember when I was big, and you were little, and we danced the same way. ” . The only person I danced with like that was my grandfather. “

Story from user Claire Elliot:

“When my son was young, he never liked to trim his toenails. Before that, he started physically shaking, he literally had a panic attack. He once said that it was because when he was a soldier, his toenails were pulled out “.

User @lizkybusiness wrote:

“When my brother was 2 or 3 years old, he told my mom that he had a mother and a family until“ people with dogs came to our village and forced us to board trains, and it was so hot that I fell asleep, and now you’re my mom. “It was so scary.”


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