Young birds go blind and die in the vicinity of Washington

(ORDO NEWS) — In the vicinity of Washington, birds began to go blind and die. Panic about this has already begun among the residents of the city. Alexandra Dimsdale, a DC resident, found a bird near her home. She took her to City Wildlife Rehab. Center staff said that the bird has a neurological disease. It was this that provoked the blindness. After the feathered person is blinded, it falls to the ground, cannot find food for itself and dies. Reported by S trange Sounds.

The fact is that a new neurological disease is spreading rapidly among birds. Wildlife experts shrug their shoulders. The League for the Protection of Animals says the number of such cases has increased dramatically. In most cases, jays suffer from the disease. Young birds are sick.

The disease develops very quickly and conventional drugs for treating eyes in birds do not help. Now biologists from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, together with experts from the League for the Protection of Animals, are conducting research to find out the cause and warn of the great danger.

Residents of the city are worried if other animals and people will start to get infected from birds? Perhaps humanity is already on the verge of a pandemic of a new disease.


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