You need to see a doctor: what kind of headache you should not endure

(ORDO NEWS) — Neurologist Mohan Sekeram listed the signs of a headache with which you should not waste time, but you should immediately consult a doctor.

There are many reasons why you may suffer from headaches. The doctor claims that people who work at night or are forced to remain active at night often experience headaches when they wake up.

In many cases, the appearance of a headache does not mean something life-threatening, says the doctor. However, he emphasizes that unusually severe pain for a person is a serious reason for going to a specialist. Sekeram listed some of the most serious forms of headache.

For example, when your pain causes distortion in vision, or if it is accompanied by vomiting. It is worth paying attention to night pains that wake you up from sleep. And also if stiffness of the neck and high temperature are observed with pain and the pain is not relieved by conventional analgesics.


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