Yerevan is an amazing city for curious tourists

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many interesting tourist centers, which can be called a real Mecca. However, it is worth paying attention to other areas that have no less charm.

Why is it worth going to travel to the capital of Armenia

This is a unique city with an ancient culture, which was founded in the 8th century BC. A variety of excursions in Yerevan are aimed at people of any age: schoolchildren, teenagers, older people. It will be interesting for young people and the older generation. Perhaps this is the main feature of the city.

Local residents are very proud of their, without exaggeration, centuries-old history. This is one of the oldest settlements, which is still not fully understood by archaeologists. Antiquity and modernity are successfully combined here.

The population is about a million people, which is quite enough to organize a full-fledged leisure for residents and tourists: there are museums, theaters and cinemas. There is also a vibrant nightlife. Features and benefits of an amazing city:

  • It is in the capital of Armenia that colorful bazaars and markets are concentrated, where you can buy many national souvenirs. However, do not confuse them with classic oriental bazaars. In Armenia, there are a lot of stone products, jewelry with characteristic patterns and patterns. Such magnificence cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
  • Numerous Christian shrines, whose age is calculated for centuries, are very interesting.
  • It is worth visiting Lake Sevan, taking a city tour of the ancient city and appreciating the modern splendor.

Mountain peaks and picturesque nature

To be honest, many people come here not only for excursions and inspection of man-made objects, even if they are admirable. Picturesque nature, mountains, valleys and gorges, springs, lakes will be no less beautiful.

Against their background, old fortresses look very organic. There are many convenient viewing platforms that will allow tourists to look at Yerevan from a bird’s eye view. Couples in love also come here to take colorful photos as a keepsake.

Of course, Mount Ararat will also be out of competition, which is truly considered a national shrine. And yet, many people appreciate the amazing spirits that are created by local craftsmen. Armenian cognac is known all over the world, because several factories operate here at once.

By the way, it is quite possible to order a tour tour directly around the cognac factory to taste drinks and get acquainted with the technologies of their production.

The city is also famous for the abundance of monasteries and passes. It is possible to book individual and group tours. Yes, in order to explore everything here, it will take more than one month. But if a person has only a few days or even one day at his disposal, then he can be filled with colorful impressions.


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