Yeonmi Park reveals what’s really going on in North Korea

(ORDO NEWS) — Yeonmi¬†Park, who recently turned 26, watched horrible things as a child. She saw North Koreans suffering from an incredibly brutal regime, starving, poverty reigning everywhere, and people being frightened by the situation.

In her hometown, Yenmi often saw the corpses of deceased adults and babies in landfills. Some of her relatives starved to death. The woman said that in order to survive, people had to eat even insects. At 13, Yenmi fled to China with her mother. And after that, she began to tell everyone about what is really happening in North Korea and what they are trying to hide from the whole world.

When Yeonmi was 9 years old, she was forced to attend the execution of her friend’s mother. The woman was guilty of watching a Hollywood movie in secret. Yeonmi talks about how people were forbidden to sing, wear clothes they wanted, or even think about. As a child, she thought that the leader of the country is a kind of deity who can read the thoughts of any person without problems.

North Korea, according to Yenmi, is the only country in the world where people can be executed even for an unauthorized international call. All books, films, and other that are allowed in North Korea are aimed at praising the leader of the state and brainwashing people. The woman also added that every person in the country is lonely because the concept of friendship does not exist in it and there can be only comrades and acquaintances.

Today, Yeonmi Park lives in the United States, where he continues to study, and also does everything possible to protect human rights. She calls on the world not to feel illusions about the ruler of North Korea, because, according to her, he is “a killer who regularly enslaves his people.”


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