Yellowstone recorded more than 100 earthquakes in month

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Over the past almost a month, experts recorded 113 earthquakes in Yellowstone Park. At the same time, the strongest shocks reached 2.9 points and occurred on March 31.

Experts began to say that such a noticeable activity of the volcano could indicate an imminent strong eruption. In this situation, as they noted, the role is not played by the power of shocks, but by their number and regularity.

Professor Scott Burns said that if the number of earthquakes began to increase, then this indicates a gradual movement of magma to the surface of the earth. Accordingly, inside the volcano itself, tension begins to increase and it can explode at any second.

But some scholars are of the opinion that such swarms of shocks are a completely normal thing when it comes to Yellowstone. Jamie Farrell is convinced that all these shocks have absolutely nothing to do with the movement of magma.

To date, a huge number of scientists are preparing for a strong eruption, which will affect most of the United States. They are trying to find ways to avoid disaster.


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