Yellowstone is shaking again: more than 200 earthquakes in a month worried scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — Over the past month, 241 earthquakes have been recorded in the Yellowstone supervolcano area. Scientists have provided evidence that the tremors were quite weak.

The strongest was the earthquake, the magnitude of which reached 1.5 points. A whole swarm of aftershocks provoked panic among people.

Despite the fact that the earthquakes were very minor, some of the scientists believe that the role is played not by the strength of the tremors, but by their number.

Professor Scott Burns says that if a swarm of earthquakes occurs under an active volcano, this indicates a rise of magma to the surface. Jamie Farrell, in turn, proves that this swarm is quite normal for Yellowstone, which has already happened many times.

Up to 3000 earthquakes can be recorded in the supervolcano area per year, therefore 241 shocks per month are surprising to few. The chances that an eruption will occur, according to experts, are practically zero. They say the volcano will not erupt for at least several millennia.

This may never happen again. It is worth noting that scientists conducted a study and found no signs of lava in the Yellowstone area.


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