Yellowstone: In April, over 100 tremors occurred in the caldera of a supervolcano

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The processes in the Yellowstone caldera do not stop: over the past month, experts totaled 134 earthquakes, among which there were swarms of 20 aftershocks. Scientists cannot say for sure whether such activity is the first “bells” of awakening a supervolcano.

Some experts call Yellowstone a time bomb. Scientists completely agree with them: at any moment an eruption can begin. Over the history of the planet, at least three powerful lava ejections have already occurred. This happened once in a million years. In our life, the terrible plot of the past is unlikely to recur, but in the future, people should definitely prepare for this.

In April, the territory shuddered at least 134 times. The strongest phenomenon had a power of 1.9 points. At 4 miles southeast of the Western Geyser Basin, sensors recorded a swarm of earthquakes, consisting of 20 shocks. In general, there was no destructive seismic activity.


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