Yellowstone began to shake again: more than 200 earthquakes in a month

(ORDO NEWS) — Over the past month, in the Yellowstone National Park, which is located in the United States, experts recorded 213 shocks of different strengths. US monitoring services are quite worried about what is happening, because more than 200 earthquakes per month are too many.

All shocks had relatively little power. The strongest earthquake reached 2.1 points. This shock occurred on May 22, just a few days ago. Most experts have stated that a minor earthquake may not have any bearing on whether a volcanic eruption will occur. But the number of shocks can directly indicate that a real disaster will happen soon. Perhaps this is the first warning that Yellowstone is about to erupt.

Geology professor Scott Burns says that a swarm of earthquakes in the area of ​​the volcano indicates that magma is gradually starting to rise. Some other experts do not agree with this opinion and do not consider the last swarm a push as a sign of imminent eruption.

For example, Jamie Farrell is convinced that such frequent tremors is quite normal for Yellowstone and a similar situation has been observed repeatedly. There is no evidence at the moment that 213 earthquakes have something to do with magma starting to move up.

Experts have provided data on which the chance of a Yellowstone eruption is only 1 in 730 thousand. The last time the volcano erupted more than 640 thousand years ago. Of course, sometime the eruption will happen again, but it can happen in a few millennia. But now, scientists are beginning to prepare for a terrible disaster, which can begin at any time.


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