“Yellow dust” containing coronavirus follows from China to North Korea: Korean authorities sounded the alarm

(ORDO NEWS) — On Korean State Central Television (KCTV), authorities have asked citizens to stay indoors as “yellow dust” emanates from China, which may contain particles of the coronavirus.

The streets of the capital Pyongyang were already empty on Thursday. The communist state declares that they have no coronavirus, and all systems are ready for its appearance. To prevent a problem, borders and any movement are closed.

The yellow dust is sand from Mongolia and China that often flies from the deserts towards North and South Korea. Scientists have not proven that the spread of Covid-19 and the movement of dust are somehow interrelated. The existing correlation is confirmed by Turkmenistan: supposedly, the infection was due to the contaminated dust. Citizens were ordered to wear masks.

North Korea also decided to play it safe. American experts noted that the pathogen can remain in the air for a maximum of several hours. Dust cannot cause people to become massively infected. The main method of infection remains close contact with a sick person.

The countries of the world do not believe that everything is calm in North Korea and the coronavirus has bypassed it. There was a high probability of infection, but sick people were quickly disposed of. The North Korean authorities will never reveal the truth. Meanwhile, residents are sitting in their homes, fearing yellow dust and possible infection.


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