X-rays reveal what is inside the 1,900-year-old Egyptian mummy

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 1911, archaeologists found a mummy in Egypt. She was buried during the existence of the Roman Empire. Scientists decided to study it without removing the bandages. Otherwise, the mummy could have been damaged, reports the Daily Mail.

The experts used X-rays powerful enough to illuminate a mummy that is approximately 1,900 years old. It was possible to establish that the body belongs to a five-year-old girl who was buried along with the sacred amulet. Previously, it was believed that such amulets would be able to protect the deceased at the time when he would travel to the afterlife.

X rays reveal what is inside the 1 900 year old Egyptian mummy 2

This research method was used for the first time. With its help, it was possible to identify bones, various materials and objects. X-rays showed that the skeleton was very well preserved for all the time and it does not have any traces of damage. In this regard, scientists believe that the girl died as a result of some kind of disease.

It was also possible to establish what material the amulet was made of. Calcite was used for its manufacture. This is a special carbonate mineral, which used to be very often taken for the manufacture of jewelry and amulets.


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