Wuhan laboratory receives patents for conducting experiments on bats

(ORDO NEWS) — It was found that some Chinese laboratory in the city of Wuhan has applied for several patents for keeping bats in order to conduct experiments on them using coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the WHO said that COVID-19 could not leave the laboratory. New information suggests the opposite: in the Celestial Empire, they studied the possibility of transmitting viruses by bats.

The first patent request was submitted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018. It discussed the possibility of using the cage to grow bats. The Patent Office of the PRC State Council issued a permit in 2019.

A second permit was requested in mid-October last year, aiming to obtain the opportunity to breed bats. Scientists wanted to study the possibility of transmission of the coronavirus from animals to humans.

Former laboratory employee Peter Dasek noted that the laboratory, after conducting the experiments, releases the mice into the wild. The man is now a member of the WHO team.

As the investigation continues, more and more questions are posed to China. Of course, in the Celestial Empire they deny everything.


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