Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID-19 Leak

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese Communist Party is ready to take drastic measures of punishment, sentencing to death those responsible for the leak of coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan. But only if this version receives official confirmation. Ross Terrill, a researcher at the Harvard Center for Chinese Studies, told the most possible scenario.

Reported by The Mirror.

The expert has no doubts that the Chinese authorities can accuse the laboratory staff of the COVID-19 leak. To do this, it is enough to organize a personal investigation in search of the culprits. When the PRC gets tired of accusations and feels a serious threat from other states, it will immediately begin to punish the “guilty”.

The execution of scientists could be a “showcase” demonstration by the Chinese Communist Party. Thus, the country will show its unwillingness to be at enmity with other states. China has no bad intentions towards peace, and if this needs to be proven through execution, the government will take this step.

But such actions in 2021 can cause even more condemnation. The expert is categorically against such an event and hopes that the laboratory workers of the Wuhan Institute of Virology will not be harmed. Today, researchers believe the most likely version is COVID-19 – the transmission of a mutated virus from a bat to a person.


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