Wreckage of the Endurance, which disappeared a hundred years ago, was found off the coast of Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — Members of the Endurance-22 expedition, which set off for Antarctica in February of this year, managed to find fragments of Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in 1915. The researchers note that the ship resting on the seabed is in excellent condition, the Daily Mail portal writes.

The Falkland Maritime Heritage Trust said a wooden ship that sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915 was found at a depth of about three kilometers. The footage from the bottom shows that the ship is in excellent condition: even the helm and the name on the stern of the ship have been preserved.

Endurance was discovered about 6.5 kilometers south of the place, which was originally indicated by the ship’s captain Frank Worsley. The expedition team carried out dives from the South African polar research vessel SA Agulhas II. Non-contact underwater search robots were actively involved in search operations.

Dr. John Shears, expedition leader, noted that his team, accompanied by historian Dan Snow, made “polar history” by carrying out what he called “the most difficult search for a sunken ship in the world.”

The Antarctic Current, which flows clockwise from west to east around Antarctica, effectively became a barrier to larvae of deep-sea species that could ruin the ship’s wood.

The expedition team also filmed a documentary about the expedition, which was commissioned by National Geographic to air later this year on Disney+.


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