Worse still: WHO downgrades coronavirus pandemic outlook

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(ORDO NEWS) — WHO made an emergency statement regarding the development of the coronavirus pandemic. The experts added that in October the situation may become critical and therefore one should not expect the number of cases to decrease soon.

WHO staff believes that in October we should expect a new wave of infections, which could be much worse than the previous one. At the same time, experts added that mortality as a result of complications from coronavirus may increase significantly. This statement was made by Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe. He also added that the increase in mortality will be due to the fact that the number of cases of coronavirus infection will greatly increase and therefore Europe needs to start preparing for a new wave now.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that on September 14, a record number of coronavirus cases per day was recorded. Experts have recorded almost 308 thousand new patients. Before that, the record for infection was recorded on September 6, when the number of patients literally increased by 307 thousand per day.

Kluge also warned that a younger age group is also at risk with the approach of cold weather, because contact with the elderly population will gradually increase. The WHO representative asked young people to be as careful as possible and pay attention to their health, not to neglect protective equipment, and to comply with all established quarantine measures. In addition, to date, the death rate from coronavirus may not be accurate due to the huge number of hidden or undetected cases. In fact, the figure can be much higher.


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