World’s largest oyster discovered in France

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(ORDO NEWS) — An incredible clam was discovered a couple of weeks ago. The giant oyster is about 15 years old. To date, this delicacy has already found its buyer and will delight him for the New Year holidays. We caught a two-kilogram oyster in the municipality of Carantek, which is located on the west coast of France. It should be noted that this mollusk has become one of the largest in the world.

The oyster, which was found in the middle of this month, overtook the previous record holder by literally 20 grams. An interesting point is that it was also found in this region, but last year. As a rule, oysters are sold on the market, which on average can weigh a little over 150 grams. The giant clam was 26.5 cm long and 13 cm wide. At the same time, the thickness of the oyster reaches 10 cm.

Girer Burder, who is the CEO of Huitres de pen al lann, an oyster-farming company, has suggested that the clam is roughly 15 years old. He also noted that on the beach, farmers found almost a dozen more oysters, large enough and weighing over one kilogram.

The giant oyster was sold before Christmas, December 24th. Burdell added that despite its huge size, the clam is still edible. But you won’t be able to open it with a special knife. You will need to use a hammer and chisel.

Earlier we wrote that in Israel, at the bottom of the sea, we found a ring with the image of Jesus Christ. Some time ago, marine archaeologists discovered a huge variety of ancient artifacts near the shores of Caesarea. Some of the discovered items date back to the third century.

We also recall that traces of an ancient catastrophe were found on the Chilean coast. Experts conduct research in Chile among the Chaihuina tidal swamps. The results showed that about 300 years ago, the coast was covered with a huge amount of water. The tsunami happened in 1737. However, no written documents about the event remained. Experts from the UK spoke about this.


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