World’s first temporary electronic dressing can speed up healing by 30%

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists at Northwestern University in the US have developed an electronic bandage that not only speeds up healing, but also monitors the process in real time before harmlessly dissolving into the body when it is no longer needed.

A soft, flexible electronic dressing sits directly over the wound bed, and a ring-shaped electrode, which is placed on healthy tissue, surrounds the entire wound.

Moreover, one side of the bandage contains an intelligent regenerative system, and the other side contains an energy harvesting coil to power the system, as well as an NFC chip for wireless data transmission.

The dressing accelerates healing by delivering electrotherapy directly to the wound site. In an animal study, the new dressing healed diabetic ulcers 30% faster than in mice without the dressing.

It is the first bioresorbable (dissolves in body tissues) dressing capable of delivering electrotherapy and the first example of a smart regenerative system.


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