World’s fastest tractor was created by British engineers

(ORDO NEWS) — The JCB Fastrac Two is an upgraded and improved JCB Fastrac tractor capable of speeds up to 247 km/h.

We know that tractors are built for power, not speed, but what if someone wants to make a tractor go really fast?

Well, a few years ago the team of English tractor manufacturer JCB decided to do just that and managed to set a new Guinness record for the world’s fastest tractor with a modified version of the company’s Fastrac tractor.

For two two-kilometer runs, he developed an average speed of 217.6 km / h and a maximum speed of 247 km / h.

Powered by JCB’s signature 7.2-litre Dieselmax 6-cylinder engine, the record-breaking Fastrac Two produced 1,016 horsepower at its peak. with more than 2500 Nm of torque.

Those are impressive numbers, but keep in mind that even when cut down, this car weighed a whopping five tons, so the team had to come up with innovative aerodynamic solutions to achieve their goals.

“Making a five-ton tractor safely accelerate to 150 mph [241.4 km/h] and stop again is no easy task,” said Tim Burnhope, director of innovation and development at JCB.

“We are all so proud that we not only met these goals, but exceeded them.”

Interestingly, another JCB Fastrac had set the world speed record just a few months earlier with an average speed of 166 km/h, but the engineering team was confident they could do better.

So after making some design changes they went one step further. and in November 2019 at Elvington Airfield in the UK , they managed to break their own record.

“When we hit 103.6 mph [166.73 km/h] in the Fastrac over the summer, I was convinced we could go even faster, and the JCB team rose to the challenge by setting this new record,” said JCB chairman. Lord Bamford.

“This is an amazing achievement by a young and enthusiastic engineering team.

All participants should be proud of the part they have played in showing British technology at its best.”


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