World wildlife week

(ORDO NEWS) — From floods to perilous woodland sweeping across the Midwest, this week has been challenging weather. Let’s start our journey from the largest island in the Mediterranean – Sicily. The water tornado lifted sand and debris and forced vacationers to scatter along the shore. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Our week has been full of tornadoes and tornadoes, and Canada is no exception. We’re heading for the province of Manitoba, where a deadly tornado has ripped through the countryside. Canadian officials have rated this tornado as EF-2.

Our latest tornado this week came from the Inner Mongolia region of China. The storm tore apart the tourist site, injuring at least 33 people and destroying 150 yurts.

Heavy rains hit the UK this week. Heavy rain caused devastating flooding and triggered a landslide that blew a passenger train off the rails in Scotland. Three people are reported to have died after the crash.

Let’s end our trip in Australia, where more than 14 inches of rain fell on the east coast. In New South Wales, flooding forced people to evacuate … while winds filled the coast with sea foam.

The weather in South Australia was strange too. Invasion of cold air from Antarctica, which brought rare snow to South Australia. The snow has turned the red desert into a winter wonderland.


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