World War II boat found in a drying lake in California

(ORDO NEWS) — A boat that sank in the Pacific during World War II has been found in a dry California reservoir. Where did she come from? No one knows.

According to The Guardian , the hull of Higgins’ boat has been found at the bottom of the dried-up Lake Shasta in California, USA. This landing craft was used to ferry American soldiers.

The most surprising thing is that the case is marked “31-17”. This designation indicates that the boat belongs to the aircraft carrier Monrovia (USS Monrovia).

The Monrovia was used as the floating headquarters of General George S. Patton during the invasion of Sicily during World War II. The 34th President of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower, also served on the ship.

The aircraft carrier sank in shallow water during the invasion of Tarawa but was later rescued. In 1969 it was sold for scrap.

World War II boat found in a drying lake in California 2
USS Monrovia

No one still knows how the transport boat of this aircraft carrier got to the bottom of the California lake.

Perhaps the one who bought the scrap metal decided to check the performance of a small boat, launched it, and… immediately became convinced of its unsuitability.

By the way, recently shipwreck hunters also discovered an unusual vessel off the US East Coast: the wreckage of a German World War I submarine that was sunk by American warplanes a century ago.

Not only mysterious boats

A severe drought in the US exposes not only World War II boats, but also human remains. The bodies of four people were found by the National Park Service this summer in Nevada ‘s drying Lake Mead.

Some of them, according to forensic experts, were probably killed by the mafia more than half a century ago.


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