World is 132 years away from gender equality

(ORDO NEWS) — The new Gender Gap Index from the World Economic Forum reveals where women and men most equitably influence education, health and politics.

Gender equality = gender equality – the concept of achieving an equal level of rights for all people, regardless of their gender / sex.

The researchers believe that the implementation of the concept will be the next step in socio-sexual relations after the patriarchal system.

For 16 years, the World Economic Forum has been preparing the Gender Gap Index every year. It is now reported that gender equality will be achieved by around 2154, four years short of what was claimed a year ago.

So, in Europe, social parity is 76.6%, in North America – 76.9%: in these regions, gender equality will be achieved in about 60 years.

World is 132 years away from gender equality 2
Infographic shows in which countries men and women are evenly distributed in politics, education, health and economy

Equality in every home

The first place among other countries (already 12 times) is occupied by Iceland with an equality index of 90%, followed by Finland and Norway in descending order.

The top 10, by the way, includes New Zealand, Rwanda, Nicaragua and Namibia. The last five of the list of 146 countries are Chad, Iran, Congo, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Russia is not in the ranking (but this is exactly in 2022 ).

Lithuania took 11th place, Moldova – 16th, Latvia – 26th, Belarus – 36th, Estonia – 52nd, Georgia – 55th, Kazakhstan – 65th, Ukraine – 81st, Armenia – 89th, Azerbaijan – 101st. Russia a year earlier was in 81 positions.


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