Woman’s tongue turned yellow and covered with “hair” due to a rare disease

(ORDO NEWS) — The Sun: Doctors diagnosed an American woman with a hairy tongue with burning mouth syndrome.

The language of a resident of the United States began to seem “hairy” and yellow due to a rare incurable disease – burning mouth syndrome. It is reported by The Sun.

When 24-year-old Alyssa noticed the tingling sensation on her tongue, she ignored it. A few weeks after the onset of symptoms, the tingling turned into a burning sensation that spread to the cheeks and gums.

The American woman began to feel dryness in her mouth, her teeth ached, the oral mucosa peeled off and bled. In addition, she felt a strange metallic taste.

Womans tongue turned yellow and covered with hair due to a rare disease 2

Alyssa went to the doctor, who diagnosed her with burning mouth syndrome, also known as glossalgia. This disease is incurable, but the woman was prescribed a special rinse to relieve the pain. The remedy did not help, and she had to cope with the discomfort on her own.

Alyssa is tired of people who think she’s faking a rare disease. Many of them believe that she exaggerates suffering.

The woman claims that in reality she cannot distract herself from the pain even in her sleep. “I began to wonder if life is even worth living, since I constantly wake up like in a nightmare,” she emphasizes.

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition in which the patient feels pain and discomfort in the mouth. Often patients complain of a tingling or burning sensation that extends to the entire mouth, including the tongue and lips.

This disease is more common in women and is often diagnosed after menopause. The exact cause of the syndrome is unknown, which makes it difficult to treat.

Earlier it was reported that the owner of a black hairy tongue was cured in the United States. According to Science Alert, she developed a rare disease due to the use of an antibiotic. The “hair” is actually the inflamed, filiform papillae that make up the surface of the tongue.


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