Woman wins three big jackpots thanks to developed lottery system

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the US state of Maryland has won the lottery for the third time in five years. It is reported by UPI.

The 30-year-old woman claims to have developed a system for playing the instant lottery. “My husband and I analyzed the lottery website and calculated which instant lottery tickets have been on sale for a long time, but still promise big prizes,” she explained.

In her opinion, this is what allowed her to choose the right ticket and win 100 thousand dollars. Over the next five years, she hit two more major jackpots, each of which also netted her at least $100,000.

The woman claims that the last win brought her no less strong emotions than the first two.

“When I saw how much I won, I couldn’t believe it,” she admitted. “I immediately called my husband and said, ‘We did it again!

The winner plans to set aside the money received for the future.

“We know how lucky we are,” she explained. This money, like our other winnings, will remain for our children. We will take good care of them.”

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the US state of South Carolina decided to use the way he saw in one of the TV shows to win the lottery and got rich by hitting the jackpot. The show participants advised spending $25 a week to buy lottery tickets for three months.


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