Woman unable to walk due to ‘gravity allergy’

(ORDO NEWS) — Metro: Lindsey Johnson from Maine lost the ability to walk due to orthostatic tachycardia.

28-year-old Lindsey Johnson from the US state of Maine began to faint and almost completely lost the ability to walk due to tachycardia. It is reported by Metro.

The first symptoms of the disease in the form of pain in the abdomen and back appeared in a woman in October 2015. Over the following years, her condition worsened.

The American was very sick, and she constantly fainted while walking, when she leaned over or even heard loud noises.

In February 2022, after numerous examinations, she was diagnosed with orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which is characterized by a sharp increase in heart rate and dizziness after a change in body position. Johnson called her condition “allergy to gravity.”

Johnson is constantly taking beta-blockers to slow his heart. Despite the fact that the number of fainting has decreased to three times a day and now the woman does not suffer from bouts of nausea, she still cannot live a full life and relies heavily on her husband James.

“I can’t do household chores and James has to cook, clean and help me take a shower,” says Johnson.

The American says she has come to terms with how much her life has changed. Now she hopes to move from an apartment to a private house, where she can spend more time outdoors.


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