Woman out of boredom bought lottery tickets and won a million dollars

(ORDO NEWS) — A Missouri woman became a million dollar richer by accident. She was bored and bought a lottery ticket, which turned out to be a winning one.

The reason for the purchase was also that her flight was canceled and the woman simply had nothing to do. This is reported by flalottery.com.

Angela Caravella, who is now 51 years old, won the main prize of the lottery.

The woman said that after the cancellation of her flight, she had a feeling that something strange or important was about to happen.

In order to while away the waiting time, she purchased several lottery tickets, one of which turned out to be a winning one. The main prize was hidden in it – one million dollars.

The winner purchased a ticket from one of the supermarkets, which will now receive their bonus for selling the winning ticket. The bonus amount is two thousand dollars.

The woman decided that she would take her winnings in a one-time payment, which reaches 790 thousand dollars.

The $ 30 The Fastest Road ticket is from the raffle that launched back in February last year. It includes 155 million dollar top prizes, as well as a host of other gifts worth nearly a billion dollars in total.

Since 1988, more than three thousand people have already won this lottery, who, as a result, have become real millionaires.


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