Woman orders a fertilization kit on eBay and gives birth to a baby

(ORDO NEWS) — Stephanie Taylor, who lives in the UK, became a mother for the second time. The woman turned 33 at the time of delivery. She gave birth to her second baby with the help of sperm received from a donor from a special mobile application.

The woman also used a fertilization kit purchased on eBay and watched the video tutorial online. Reported by the Daily Star.

The first marriage ended in divorce for the woman. After him, a son was left, so Stephanie did not want to start any relationship. At the same time, she dreamed of having another child. Initially, the British woman thought about IVF, but the price was very high and amounted to 1.6 thousand pounds.

A friend said that you can find a donor yourself, and then use the home method of fertilization.

After that Stefanie registered in the special application Just A Baby. It was developed specifically for those people who would like to receive the necessary biomaterial in order to conceive a child. The application is based on the “Tinder” method.

The British wanted to find a person whose relatives would not have any serious illnesses. At the same time, it is desirable that he was outwardly similar to her. It took only a day to find a suitable option.

For three weeks they corresponded, and then in January last year, the man provided Stephanie with the necessary biomaterial. She used a home insemination kit and learned about her pregnancy two weeks later. Last October, she gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Eden.


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