Woman mistook snake for garden hose

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Liverpool, UK, mistook a corn snake for a garden hose and was frightened when the reptile began to move, but then gave it water to drink. Express reports.

Diane Martin, 69, was gardening when something red next to a drain caught her attention. At first, the woman mistook what she saw for a garden hose, but when the object began to move, she fell into a stupor.

“I went into the garden and out of the corner of my eye I saw something red. To be honest, I thought it was my garden hose faded in the sun, but then I took a closer look and realized that it was not a hose, ”said the Briton.
The snake suddenly raised its head, shocking the woman. The only thought that came to the mind of the British woman was that the reptile was poisonous.

Martin tried to call the animal rescue service, but no one picked up the phone. Then she turned to the police, and the inspector of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals went to her to catch the snake.

In anticipation of help, the woman did not take her eyes off the intruder, as she was afraid to lose sight of him. She assumed that the snake was thirsty and turned on the faucet in the garden for her. The reptile drank for ten minutes.

“Then she lifted her head and looked into my eyes. I swear she looked like she wanted to thank me,” the woman said.

Inspector Anthony Joynes, who arrived on the scene, identified the snake as a maize snake. Representatives of this species kill prey by strangulation. They are not poisonous and do not pose a danger to humans. Presumably, the snake was thrown away by the previous owner, or she crawled away from him.

“The expert found a broken rib in the reptile. Looks like she was run over by a car or motorcycle. But it is clear that the snake was normally looked after, therefore, most likely, she escaped from the terrarium. The owner can contact us and pick her up,” said Joines.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Tula returned from vacation and encountered a live snake in the toilet of her apartment. The woman’s son summoned representatives of the Tula exotarium.


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