Woman lost weight and was able to move a 40-ton truck

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(ORDO NEWS) — 28-year-old Vikki Mills from the English city of Lincoln, UK, lost half her weight, became interested in bodybuilding and was able to move a 40-ton truck.

A morbidly obese woman decided to lose weight in January 2021.

Mills, who weighed 177 kilograms at the time, changed her usual diet, replacing food from fast food restaurants with healthy foods, gave up alcohol and began to play sports.

Despite the noticeable result, she found many “deeply rooted psychological traumas” that hampered the process of losing weight.

Despite this, Mills did not back down and continued to struggle with being overweight. She joined the gym and became interested in strength training.

In just a year and a half, the woman lost 63 kilograms and committed an act that she could not even think of before – she climbed the Scottish mountain Ben Nevis, 1.3 kilometers high.

“I just kept going forward, step by step, and gradually got to the top,” the woman recalls.

Later, she took part in the annual Truck Push/Pull competition for moving heavy objects, which is held in the English county of Lincolnshire.

She placed second among women and was the only competitor to move a 40-ton truck 10 meters in one minute.


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