Woman lived with a bullet in her head and did not know about it

(ORDO NEWS) — In the USA, a woman walked for a week with a bullet in her head and did not notice it. Her story is told by the New York Post.

On June 29, Mary Voltz, 58, of Saginaw, Michigan, was diagnosed with COVID-19. Two days later, she went to the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing and chest pain.

During the examination, doctors noticed a wound on her head, but the woman could not explain its origin.

The fact that a bullet was stuck in her head was noticed only on July 2, when Volts suddenly lost consciousness.

Doctors determined that the woman had been hit by a “bullet or bullet fragment” about eight millimeters in size.

“The only thing that is known for sure is that it happened between the evening of the 27th and the evening of July 29th. She walked around with a bullet in her head for almost a week,” Brother Voltz said.

Doctors performed an emergency operation to remove the foreign object, but they were only able to extract fragments.

The doctors did not dare to remove the bullet itself. The woman had increased intracranial pressure, and a deeper intervention was considered too dangerous.

Volts has no idea at what point she was injured. She said that she did not remember any shooting, or even just strangers who would have approached her during the period when the wound appeared.

The woman also noted that she had no enemies who could wish her harm.

Police officers searched the Voltz home, looking for bullet holes or other evidence of a shooting, but found nothing suspicious.

At the moment, the woman is experiencing severe headaches and is forced to wear a protective helmet, as part of her skull was removed for the operation. In the future, Volts will have an operation to restore the bones of his head.

Relatives collect money on the Internet for her treatment and hope that she will soon be able to return to normal life. Police continue to investigate the mysterious incident.


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